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Meet the Maker


Growing up I was surrounded by the love for sewing, it was my Grandma’s passion. Many weekends would be spent observing and learning the Art of Sewing. Not only did she teach me the techniques of sewing but she provided me with the inspiration to create my own clothes.

Favourite part of your role

Designing the garments, adding detail and my own touch into every piece. I enjoy sourcing diverse fabrics and assigning them to individual designs. Here at Awfully Pretty we are all about customer satisfaction. Seeing a customer in our garments and knowing they love the way it looks and feels defines the favourite part of my role.

My AP Styles

Despite my love for the Cut and Sew items you cannot go wrong with the graphic t-shirts and jumpers. These are life essentials and perfect for day to day wear. I never take them off.

Favourite thing to make at the moment

It has always been part of Awfully Pretty’s plan to use recycled materials. After sourcing some beautiful fabric I am enjoying putting this plan to action.

Creating a Garment?

From sitting down with a draft, sourcing the fabric then creating each piece, I enjoy all aspects of garment manufacturing.

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Bethany Webster

Founder of Awfully Pretty


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Ethically Sourced Fabrics

Our garments use ethically sourced fabrics, we have also introduced a 50% recycled fabric range – on which we intend to build upon.

Awfully Pretty also hand makes each garment. This attention to detail enables us to create quality clothing that is intended to be worn and loved – rather than the disposable fashion trends we see today.


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Designed and Handmade In House

Established in 2019, AwfullyPretty garments are handmade and designed in-house based on the current fashion trends for affordable prices.

We aim to push the boundaries of common trends through designing garments that are creative whilst still signed off with some AwfullyPretty signatures. We pride ourselves on providing premium through our impeccable attention to detail and in-house quality assurance.

Our approach to ethical, in-house manufacturing also enables some garments to be made to measure which leads to that perfect fit our customers are looking for.

Here at AwfullyPretty each garment is designed to be styled in multiple ways as an expression of personality and style. I truly hope that each customer shares an equal love for the AwfullyPretty garments and vision.

I really wanted to offer something for you all in my latest collection.  I’m constantly gathering inspiration that I can’t wait to make into beautiful garments each season. To develop AP-ECO was always on the agenda, and this latest collection is really just the start of AP’s plan to continue our commitment to ethical manufacturing and sourcing recycled materials where possible.

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